Leverage our experience, relationships and innovative technologies to explore, discover and develop new resource frontiers.


Safety and Integrity: We are dedicated to ethical and legally compliant operations, with safety and integrity at the core of everything we do.

Adaptability: We strive to make informed decisions quickly and adapt with effectiveness in an ever-changing environment.

Collaboration: We work together with land owners, communities and each other to maintain collaborative relationships and maximise beneficial outcomes for Tri-Star and its stakeholders.

Excellence: We strive for excellence by fostering high performing teams that value, respect and engage all our staff.

Tri-Star’s Strategic Objectives:

  1. Deliver Value via Diversification and Revenue Growth
    a. Develop new sources of revenue outside of existing revenue.
    b. Enhance value from existing non-operated assets.
  2. Enhance the Portfolio via Focused Optimisation
    a. Rank current assets & prospects via clear, value/risk led criteria.
    b. Focus effort toward high value assets.
    c. Selectively align in asset lifecycle to balance commercial value, risk and capability.
  3. Leverage and grow onshore oil and gas exploration expertise
    a. Continue to leverage history, basin knowledge, & technical “know how”.
    b. Continually enhance organisational capacity in line with strategic plan and develop partnerships in non-core activities.
    c. Enhance activity planning to reduce cost.
  4. Build and Enhance the Tri-Star Brand & Reputation
    a. Strive to be a respected operator with high quality operating procedures and performance, making Tri-Star a partner of choice for other E&P companies.
    b. Strive to maintain a proactive ‘social licence to operate’ framework.
  5. Build a Performance Focused Culture
    a. Cultivate a culture consistent with Tri-Star values.
    b. Performance and development objectives set for individual staff with clear and consistent feedback.
    c. Improve systems and processes to enhance decision making and organisational efficiencies.