As a gas and minerals explorer and developer, we recognise our responsibility to understand and respect the environment and to minimise our impact.

Our Environmental Policy outlines our approach to operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

Environmental Policy

Tri-Star is committed to conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

To fulfil these objectives Tri-Star will:

  • Ensure management is demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship;
  • Maintain and improve Tri-Star’s environmental standards and procedures;
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets and implement programs to achieve them;
  • Commit to and comply with relevant environmental management plans for each activity as required by the appropriate regulating authority;
  • Avoid disturbance of known sites of archaeological, historical and natural significance and protect native flora and fauna in all areas of operation;
  • Ensure that incidents, near misses, concerns and complaints are reported adequately, investigated and appropriate procedures implemented;
  • Inform all employees and contractors of their environmental and cultural heritage responsibilities including consultation and distribution of appropriate environmental management guidelines, regulations and publications for all relevant activities;
  • Ensure Tri-Star has the resources and the skills necessary to achieve its environmental commitments;
  • Include environmental performance in the annual performance appraisal of senior management.

Application of this policy resides with all employees and contractors sharing responsibility for its implementation.