Our approach to safety

At Tri-Star our goal is for everyone to go home safe at the end of each day.

Eliminating fatalities and catastrophic events, while reducing the number and severity of injuries, is something we strive for each and every day.

We have Safety standards which address key areas of risk. The standards provide consistency in safety management and performance across our operations and projects.

Our businesses are audited internally against these standards and are expected to meet safety performance requirements and targets.

Our priorities for effective safety performance and management

To manage risk and improve performance we utilise an integrated framework that builds upon the policies, strategies and standards that are developed and implemented across the Group. We expect safety engagement at all levels of the organisation, supported by effective management systems that are fit for purpose, and internal controls.

To achieve this we:

  • Ensure behaviour is aligned with our values.
  • Report and investigate all incidents, ensuring that learnings are shared and implemented across the business.
  • Actively involve employees and contractors in all areas of safety management.
  • Implement safety performance standards and expectations for managing critical risks
  • Deploy training to ensure employees and contractors understand the controls for managing the risks.
  • Maintain an appropriate safety assurance framework through a range of audits, reviews and verifications against our standards.
  • Develop, implement and embed a focus on process safety and fatality prevention programs.
  • Establish, implement and monitor critical control plans to manage our key safety risks.
  • Expect our leaders to be visible and passionate champions for safety. They willingly accept accountability for the safety of everyone working in their teams and consistently set high standards through their behaviour, where everyone is committed to their own safety and the safety of their colleagues and visitors.