“We will conduct all of our business in a manner that protects and preserves the cultural heritage through engagement with Aboriginal communities in which we operate.”

Tri-Star’s operations shall be guided by the principles set out in this Traditional Owner Engagement Policy:

  • Recognise and respect Aboriginal peoples’ connection to their country and the importance of cultural heritage preservation by:
    • Minimising the impacts of Tri-Star’s operations;
    • Encourage Aboriginal cultural heritage awareness through site inductions and toolbox meetings;
  • Engage in a meaningful, open and honest consultation and ensure conduct is respectful, patient and in good faith;
  • Engage where possible with the Aboriginal people and their Elders within the communities which Tri-Star operates and maintain regular contact;
  • Understand that Aboriginal leaders may need to consult with their community on important matters which may take time;
  • Provide Aboriginal people with the opportunity to become part of Tri-Star’s projects through employment or procurement;
  • Develop an understanding of the Aboriginal culture in the area which Tri-Star operates;
  • Where practical and possible, provide Aboriginal peoples with the opportunity to reach agreements with Tri-Star.