Leverage our experience, relationships and innovative technologies to explore, discover and develop new resource frontiers.


Safety and Integrity: We are dedicated to ethical and legally compliant operations, with safety and integrity at the core of everything we do.

Adaptability: We strive to make informed decisions quickly and adapt with effectiveness in an ever-changing environment.

Collaboration: We work together with land owners, communities and each other to maintain collaborative relationships and maximise beneficial outcomes for Tri-Star and its stakeholders.

Excellence: We strive for excellence by fostering high performing teams that value, respect and engage all our staff.

Tri-Star’s Strategic Objectives:

  1. Deliver Value via Diversification and Revenue Growth
  2. Enhance the Portfolio via Focused Optimisation
  3. Leverage and Grow Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration Expertise
  4. Build and Enhance the Tri-Star Brand & Reputation
  5. Build a Performance Focused Culture