We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and reducing the potential impacts of our operations.

Tri-Star understands and respects the need to maintain high environmental standards and ensure sustainability within its business. We adopt best practice management strategies and continual improvement programs.

Tri-Star complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations to preserve the environment that we operate in. We approach our environmental responsibilities with the same discipline, strategy and accountability that drive every part of our business.

For all our activities, we aim to reduce environmental impacts, conserve and recycle resources, reduce waste and pollution, and improve processes to help protect the natural environment.

Tri-Star has an enviable track record of environmental performance built on more than 30 years of compliance with laws and regulations. 

The environmental aspects of our operations are governed by strict regulations which are integrated into our operational procedures. Tri-Star’s relevant operations manuals provide the framework within which our environmental responsibilities are managed.

We assess the environmental and potential impacts of all activities prior to the commencement of a project and regularly engage with relevant stakeholders, including landholders, native title claimants and local government agencies, to ensure these activities are open and transparent.

All environmental incidents are recorded and reported through the Tri-Star’s reporting system.