Tri-Star maintains an excellent safety record, whilst continuing to focus on improving safety procedures.

The safety of our people is inherent in every stage of development from drilling to production. We track and measure our safety performance which is critical to ensuring we are appropriately and effectively implementing our safety frameworks.

We adopt best practice management strategies and continual improvement programs.

A safe and productive workforce is an important factor in Tri-Star’s continued success. Recognising the important role individuals make to our work environment, we aim to provide a healthy and active workplace for all.

Tri-Star places the highest priority on the health and safety of our people and protection of our assets, local communities, and the environment.

Tri-Star holds working sustainably as a core value. We believe that a commitment to the responsible stewardship of our people, our stakeholders and the environment in which we work will help deliver the high levels of performance in health, safety and environmental management to which we aspire.

In line with our business strategy, Tri-Star’s aim is to work sustainably and transparently, measuring our performance and progressing towards the goals we have set.

Our Safety Commitment

Safety is paramount to our business. Tri-Star is committed to safety and preventing harm to our people, contractors, suppliers and local communities.

Our goal is to consistently operate in a safe and reliable manner.