Tri-Star’s roots are linked through the generations to geology and a keen desire to pursue frontier exploration for gas and minerals.

Tri-Star is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and a ‘good neighbour’ in all areas of work. We ensure an extensive engagement of all local stakeholders – from the local government through to landholders and the traditional owners of the land.

Key to Tri-Star being a good neighbour lies in our commitment to regular, open dialogue with the communities in which we work. Our operations team and local onsite staff are leading the effort, through their active involvement with the community.

Native title, Land rights and Cultural Heritage

We have a proud history of extensive consultation with Traditional Owners, landholders and local communities located near our projects.

Tri-Star recognises and respects the significance of the land to the indigenous peoples of Australia.

We ensure communities are fully informed prior to accessing land, and Tri-Star is dedicated to effectively managing stakeholder consultations, negotiations and land access.

We work closely with interested community groups and individuals to identify significant sites and to mitigate any significant impact.

Tri-Star embraces and complies with the provisions of the Native Title Act and the relevant Petroleum Acts.

We are committed to ongoing communications and consultation with Traditional Owners in all the areas in which Tri-Star operates.