SAPEX sponsors William Creek Campdraft

June 14, 2018

SAPEX, a Tri-Star-owned company, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the annual William Creek Campdraft and National Bronco Branding Championships to be held on Saturday, 18 August 2018

The partnership with the William Creek Campdraft is in line with our commitment to supporting and promoting the local communities in which we operate.

A SAPEX spokesperson said the annual event is a highlight on the William Creek social calendar, and is one SAPEX is proud to be involved in.

“The volunteers and employees at this annual event work tirelessly to engage the local community through regional programs to meet local community and youth needs through youth development, and community engagement,’ the spokesperson said.

“We are delighted to support one of the most popular family and competitor events in the region.”

William Creek Campdraft President, Matthew Williams, said the SAPEX sponsorship will have a positive impact on the event, its competitors, spectators and the local community.

“We rely on support from local companies to provide competitors with a great prize pool to attract the best talent so we can continue to make a difference in our local community,” Matthew said.

“It’s thanks to companies like SAPEX coming on board as a valued event sponsor that we can confidently continue to build safer, happier and connected communities and grow the pool of future talent,’ he said.

All visitors and members of the local community are invited to join competitors and event organisers, and can find out more about the program of events on the Campdraft Facebook page below.