Tri-Star joins Safer Together

April, 2019

This month, Tri-Star was pleased to become a member of Safer Together which will provide the company with the opportunity to drive the safety agenda for the industry through involvement in the Safety Leaders Group and Working Groups.

Tri-Star Executive Vice President Australia Andrew Hackwood said the company’s decision to join the community of safety leaders in WA/NT and Queensland was high on its list of priorities.

“The safety of our people, contractors and local communities in which we operate is paramount to Tri-Star, and our membership of Safer Together will allow Tri-Star to play a long-term role in the development of the oil and gas industry in Queensland and Northern Territory,” Andrew said.

“We see significant benefit in coming together with Operator Companies, Exploration Companies, and Contract Partner Companies – large and small to identify continuous improvement in our industry and safety innovations which can make a measurable difference.

“Tri-Star is now working towards implementing the Safer Together strategy and program areas within the company, and taking an active part in Safer Together working groups, meetings and events,” he said.

Safer Together Forum Coordinator Sean O’Donnell said alignment of companies working in the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry is fundamental for building long-term partnerships.

“We need to all be pulling in the same direction when tackling safety performance improvement,” Sean O’Donnell said.

“Members such as Tri-Star play a vital role to these safety performance improvements through their ability and willingness to contribute the expertise and knowledge their people have built up over a 30-year history in Australia,” he said.

About Safer Together

The Queensland Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry Safety Forum and Western Australia / Northern Territory Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry Safety Forum (known as Safer Together) are not-for-profit, member-led organisations of Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies committed to creating the leadership and collaboration needed to build a strong and consistent safety culture in our rapidly evolving industry.

Safer Together plays a pivotal role in defining how we move our industry forward. Active participation by all companies working in the industry will be key to building a Community of Leaders that together create a safer Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Industry.

The Member Companies that sign up are expected to demonstrate commitment to the objectives of Safer Together. This includes actively supporting and taking part in the network events and meetings, and having an internal implementation strategy for the Safer Together programme areas to implement change where appropriate for their business.