Tri-Star response to ABC Alice Springs: Arid land environment centre claims against Tri-Star

March 19, 2019

“Tri-Star rejects ALEC CEO Jimmy Cocking’s claims that the company is considering using Underground Coal Gasification in the Pedirka Basin.

This practice is not, and has never been, part of our company’s business operations. We do not support underground coal gasification in any form.

Furthermore, Tri-Star works collaboratively with all levels of government, and operates with an apolitical agenda. ALEC’s insinuation that Tri-Star was improperly granted mineral titles prior to the election is incorrect, as Tri-Star’s mineral tenures were granted on 1 November 2017, more than 12 months after the election.

This type of misinformation by ALEC has the potential to confuse and mislead the public, including the local communities in the vicinity of the Pedirka Basin.

Tri-Star has a long and proud history of oil, gas, and minerals exploration in Australia and have been operating safely in this country for nearly 30 years.

We are a responsible custodian of the environment and cultural heritage, and Tri-Star has an enviable track record of exceptional environmental performance.”